Monday, 12 August 2013

B is for BESPOKE

A few of my friends, myself included, have been turning 21 recently. So what's more perfect than a personalised trinket or trousse to say bon anniversaire mon cheri?! Monagraming hit the Vogue a while back with Penelope Chilver's Dandy slipper pumps, but we've come to realise nothing's more luxurious than complete overall personalisation. Take a look at these bespoke beauts for some inspiration...

SILKEN FAVOURS- It's no myth that Chelsea Art School graduate Vicki Murdoch's scarves have become the prize items in Liberty's historic scarf hall. The quirky and playful illustrations eclipsing her classic silk scarves expertly showcase the true meaning of the term "quintessentially British". Her business startup was completely organic, all sparking from the one off scarf she made her parents featuring all the various birds in their garden. Quickly realising the potential of her creations, she began printing more of her designs until they were eventually snapped up by Libertys. Her many collections range from scarves entitled "Russet Revels" and "Butterflies and Beasticles" he he to sumptuous silk printed cushions. Silken Favours offers a bespoke service for £475- by asking questions about your passions, favourite colours, chosen hobbies and preferred time of year(!) you are sure to create a truely unique gift. And there's no doubting the recipient will love you forever! Check out

MILLER HARRIS PERFUME- What greater luxury than concocting your own unique scent? With the help of infamous fragrance guru, Lyn Harris, you can tailor make a bespoke Miller Harris fragrance. Harris pioneered this idea of bespoke perfumery with the intention of affirming her philosophy "match scent to sensibility". The creative process begins with a personal consultation to establish theme and style, and ends with the delivery of your hand-engraved perfume bottle. Et viola!

ANYA HINDMARCH BESPOKE- "I spend my life trying to find the perfect present. A personalised one is always the one that people love and keep for generations which is why I started Anya Hindmarch Bespoke. These pieces are not of a season but of a moment in your life and designed to have your name on them rather than mine". From photograph printed bags and pouches, to leather goods forever embossed with your doodles and hidden inscriptions, it's clear Anya excels when it comes to creating luxury gifts with true heart. Their Pont Street Store ( picture to the left) is home to Anya Hindmarch Bespoke and showcases the entire collection, as well as an on site workshop for specialised embossers. Although their bespoke service is not currently available online you can check out for videos and inspiration, examples of the witty handwritten messages include "to the best legs in town! xx"
Merci beaucoup.

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