Tuesday, 22 January 2013

WHITE OUT! Officially snowed in...

"Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is SO delightful. And since we've no place to go. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it SNOW!"
So after many nauseating overtures, the Bublé finally got his christmas wishes and Britain awoke to a flurry of snow last week. REAL PRETTY. But with which of course came the panic buying and the stories of slushy-horrored commutes. Advice has generally been not to go out "by foot or by car" so here I am writing my post whilst looking out at the wintery scenes. (ooh how self-referentially postmodern of me!)

I've just recently succumbed to a Vogue subscription and got a brilliant freebie with the purchase- always a bonus. Do it now! It was the NUDE ProGenius treatment oil which is doing wonders, but am I alone in finding the greasy residue it leaves more than a little unpleasant?! The oil (rrp £58) claims to "absorb instantly" which frankly is a joke, though I can definitely vouch for the fact that post application skin "radiates vitality" ;) If you have an iPad etc. I would really recommend subscribing as with it comes free access to the electronic edition. This not only has lots of spectacular additional features such as shoot videos and exciting flying things, but conveniently allows you have a portable back catalogue for easy reference. Here goes...

Review of Vogue: February edition
COVERGIRL. It's a truth universally acknowledged that the year's first covers will establish a tone for the coming year, one that can be said to extend throughout the sartorial landscape. With cues taken from Louis Vuitton and Prada, last year presented itself like a popsicle, sugary sweet and all wrapped up in Vogue's signature aesthetic. Where 2012's bright and playful hues set the stage for a cultural explosion, this year's sharp and detoxing shades truly encapsulated the headline "FRESH START". February's cover was no exception- the black, nude and lipstick red shades outlined a quiet revolution in the new season's silhouette. CLEAN, SOFTLY-SPOKEN, FEMININE AND SEDUCTIVE. Demarchelier's shot, taken from the corresponding feature "The New Modern", further developed this newfound refinement. Each look, inconspicuous yet stunning, exhibited this element of purity- only not in a severe minimalist Celine kind of way.
TACTILE. The iPad edition didn't disappoint in it's additional content, allowing us to enter this elite and aspirational world like never before. Vogue's introductory video and personal shoot tour electrified readers finally bringing us a vision of fashion for the 21st century. STANDOUT FEATURE. The buoyant makeup tips entitled "Beauty School Rules" were a joy and brought a well needed focus to this section. Most interestingly, the app allows editors to incorporate other equally influential mediums in fashion like music and movement.
COVET. This month's wish list includes Sarah Harris's LV styled headband (a look which was unsuccessfully recreated on this week's Dancing on ice!), Valentino's navy silk trench and Sophie Brahe earrings, oh and those kittykats. Yeh, DREAM ON...

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